Our Game Is Dots

Скачать: Rustamov ft. Magirovskaya — Our Game Is Dots


I’m logging in – everyone is here
I’m playing dots any time of the year
Night and day, day and night
Keep my troubles away
Red and blue – we fight
Though some say we play

Oh, fuck off, my haters!
My aim is clear
The top of the list is almost near
I’ll master my skills
And I promise you that
I’ll beat anyone
from Alf to Zed

Whatever you play – we play dots
Whatever your game – our game’s dots
You may ask me again – the answer will be the same
What’s your favorite game? – Our game’s dots.

Every game is a challenge
And my nerves are on edge
It’s my love and my passion
It’s my drug
If you catch

I’ll find a dots-girl-friend
She won’t object to that
That I spend the nights
Flooding in the chat
I’ll teach my children to play dots as well
To make admins’ future absolute hell

I enjoy the dots game
It lets my mind fly free
So we can do it together
Just sing with me

Вадим Рустамов (музыка, вокал)
Ксения Дементьева (слова, бэквокал)
Дмитрий Штых (звукорежиссер)
12 июля 2016 года